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As former Speaker Tip O’Neill once said, all politics is local. But it’s also true – perhaps even more so – that all politics is people. No one knows, or should know, that more than our Democratic Party. We are made up of people from all walks of life, who live on nearly every continent on our planet.

So if this party is made up of people, how is it that we’ve found ourselves trapped in a world where campaigns are controlled by analytics and data, and that this is costing us elections?

We need to start with a deep dive and assessment of each of our state parties. The responsibility of the DNC should be to strengthen state parties, not starve them. We demand that the DNC and state parties are more than a pass-through to elect a president every four years.
We must move past the days of a top down approach, where the members of the committee are spoken with, rather than talked to. This means collaborating with our allies and focus on community engagement, recruiting, and training, and messaging to show voters what we stand for.
I believe this collaborative, bottom up approach puts us on the path forward to RISE UP, ORGANIZE, and WIN.

Meet Rick

I’m a sixth generation Coloradan and the son of a steel worker
and a homemaker.

Under my leadership, the Colorado Democratic Party has made great strides. In 2012, Colorado wentblue for President Obama and in 2016 we sent our electoral votes to Hillary Clinton. During my time as Chair we expanded our majority in the State House, re-elected Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper in 2014, and U.S. Senator Michael Bennet in 2016.

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Our work at the DNC needs to be a collaborative effort. I want to listen to your ideas and hear what you have to say. Please contact me below.

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